Structural Steel Detailing

Eminent engineers with deep industry knowledge and who are well trained in all projects. We understand and visualize the real time fabrication and erection complexity and rectify it on time too. Our focus is to create drawings in such a way that the fabricators can easily handle the drawings and complete the job.

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

Miscellaneous steel detailing demands a lot of self decision while working on it, especially in modelling side. Also, this part of detailing demands good technical knowledge as well. Our well experienced team does each job precisely and through best method.

Duct / Plate work Detailing

Our well experienced team has handled many plate work jobs including large round and rectangular ducts. We have experience of handling Transitions, Concentric cones, Eccentric cones, Chutes, etc. Our services include delivering unfolded DXF files even for transition plates or eccentric cones.

Estimation And Material Take-off

We have a quick estimation procedure that includes 3D modelling, Material Reports, Complexity study, Material take-off and Man Hour Consumption calculation. On customer's requirement, we can deliver material take off as well.

Connection Design

Cronus steel detailing offers connection design services to clients through our engineering partners in USA and Canada. In this, both design and detailing comes under one roof and there by it benefits in improved schedule. Also, we offer PE stamping (If contract required).

Research And Development

R&D activities are essential by essence as they embody the overall process leading to innovation. And as we know nowadays, innovation is a key factor to beat the competition. Knowing these facts, Our R&D team is continuously investigating to automate the Job possibilities to produce accurate results and customer satisfaction..

Complete BIM and CNC support

Modern technology is demanding whole detailing industry to move to 3D BIM from 2D manual drafting. This, BIM can be database for detailers, fabricators and erectors. Also, the 3D BIM can be used for coordination of other trades. Cronus steel is using SDS/2 and Tekla structures to create BIM models which automate outputs like StruMIS, Voortman, Fabtrol, etc. Also, we committed to adapt upcoming technologies as well.

Sectors We Serve


Industrial Buildings

Industrial Buildings

  • Pipe rack supports
  • Stair towers
  • Warehouse structure
  • Walk way platforms
  • Machinery support structures
  • Power generation buildings
  • Oil and gas pipe line support structure
  • Outdoor platforms

Commercial Building

Commercial Building

  • Churches
  • Office buildings
  • High rise buildings
  • Parking structures
  • Sky walks

Duct Works

Duct Works

  • Gas and oil pipe lines
  • Rectangular and round ducts
  • Cones, eccentric cones, Silos and transitions
  • Flanges and chutes



  • Stadiums
  • Bridges
  • Air port & sea port structures
  • Hospital buildings
  • School buildings